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This Sunday at Grace - 1:00 pm

Faith in Trial - An Exposition of James

Sunday, May 21st we begin our next exposition, walking verse by verse through books of the Bible.  In this short book of the Bible, God gives us practical wisdom to overcome.  It is the earliest of the NT letters written, and these first days were ones of fierce persecution.  So much so that the fledgling church had to scatter.  They were refugees dispersed all over the world, and James wrote this letter encouraging them and anyone after them to overcome obstacles and move forward in their faith.  Grow each Sunday, by finding God's wisdom to overcome trials, prejudice, pride, temptation, our tongue, faction, and the Devil (to name just a few).

If you are out of town, you can view this Sunday's worship service on our Facebook page through Facebook Live.  Click here to visit that page.

What is Jesus teaching in John 3:16?  






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