In Ephesians 4, God explains that He gives leaders to the church who will equip each individual in the church to do the work of building others up. Look at three primary principles:

Loving – In the Ephesians 4 blueprint, all building happens as people speak the truth in love. Love is the great greenhouse of the church. Our motivation in these groups should not be selfish but for another person’s spiritual maturity.

Individuals – The spiritually maturing church is one where each joint in the body is functioning properly. Think of a clock filled with cogs, gears, and other intricate moving parts. Each part in that clock must be working properly for the goal to be reached. You are needed in this clockwork – you are needed in God’s blueprint for church ministry!

Furthering Edification – In this blueprint, God shares His goal for church ministry- that we are all building each other up to be more like Christ. We are to think, act and live like Jesus. So the end goal is that each person at Grace will be more like Jesus by meeting together around God’s Word.

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